Final Coord.

Sep 2023

The meeting with my 2023 guests has gone well and we are on course for a belting trip – I honestly can’t wait – but have to write a quick summary for clients’ details and final requests needs to go my suppliers and make that the final coordination is all drawn together.

On my last GTS journey we had well over 100 people from 30 different suppliers coming together to make our guests adventure one to remember. As such I have to be exacting with my timings and choreography of each minute, event and day. This is my life over the coming weeks – a long list of individual serials and making sure the batting order is fully understood by everyone.

I always rather imagine it is like what a writer goes through when writing a novel, making sure everyone can conceivably be where they need to be and not in two places at once – much like I need to be all the time!

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