Website Banter.

April 2023.

George and Ed have continued to speak in riddles on WhatsApp about the website – my interest only being piqued when George and Ed have a disagreement over something and they ask for my opinion. As I honestly have no clue what they are talking about, a laughing emoji is all they get.

However, because of all this banter back and forth that we now have a new logo and brand guidelines. I have been inadvertently instrumental in the development of the logo as an old GTS sign in my office caught the selector’s eye and we developed it from there.

And whilst the website is looking good in development, even better news was the first Sea Trout coming off the Till, not to my rod but all the same…!

The 2023 guests are left alone for the most part during this time with only minor details being bounced between use. 2024 is also looking good but much work required before we have signatures on dotted lines. 

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