Final Coord.

Sep 2023 The meeting with my 2023 guests has gone well and we are on course for a belting trip – I honestly can’t wait – but have to write a quick summary for clients’ details and final requests needs to go my suppliers and make that the final coordination is all drawn together. On […]

A New Website.

Mar 2023. A quiet month, so I am discussing with Ed Lloyd Owen and George Juer the idea of giving the website and brand a fresh look. As ever with these two the conversation quickly slipped into a language of fonts and algorithms and I rapidly lose the thread of the conversation. My mind wanders […]

The Game is Afoot.

Jan 2023.  We are now 10 months out from the 2023 Game Train Scotland adventure, we have a team and a train, and most importantly an itinerary, and it is now that the first of many short blasts of frenetic correspondence going between myself, my guests and the suppliers.  Every trip has its own character. […]

Confirmation for 2023!

Oct 2022 Boom! An enquiry leads to a booking for 2023 Game Train Scotland! Always an humbling moment to think that someone has is spending a large sum of money to put their trust in me to deliver a holiday for them and their friends in a year’s time… But the team is swept up […]